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Make it Work Development & Support

We build digital solutions for companies of all sizes. Marketing sites, custom applications, entire site families and email blasts – it all depends on your goals and audience.

At the root of our development and support process is a desire to create systems that are efficient, secure, usable and stand the test of time. We architect, plan and build solutions that deal with everything from financial data management to time tracking calculators.

Make it Beautiful User Interface & Design

We work with you to design user-focused interfaces that capture who you are and what you do. We approach this design through thoughtful research and meticulous craft.

Our visual interfaces engage users and bring to life your goals.

Make it GreatWeb Strategy

Beautiful design and rock-solid development are the outgrowth of our strategy process. By making informed decisions about user interaction, form and function come together to make a great site.

We reach this point through diligent research of two major audiences: your users and your content producers. The research process covers a number of methods including:

  • Conventional analytics analysis
  • Site content review
  • Creation of use cases
  • Site functionality & flow review
  • User research

Contour Content

A Simple & Serious Content Management System

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Contour Overview

Contour Content is a CMS from Pointpath Studios, built with one goal: To make it easy to maintain sites – even complex ones – without content producers, editors or reviewers having to learn a new set of skills.

Writing new content, making updates or even major changes are managed in a simple, common sense manner. We've created core functionality and a system of powerful plug-ins to add functionality only as needed.

Contour History

Contour was initially developed for the financial services industry, where sites are mandated to follow complex regulatory rules. Documents and data are constantly being updated. Performance data is displayed in a variety of formats. Footnotes need their own footnotes.

Contour handled these requirements with ease and proved to be just as adept at other kinds of sites.

Contour Features

The beauty of Contour is in the features. Below are a few highlights, get in touch for details on how Contour will work for you.

Edit once. Update everywhere.

Contour Content - Collections

With Contour, edit an item in one place, one time and have that change reflected across all pages. Content can be used countless times across a site – Contour remembers where so that you don't have to.

Streamlined review.

Contour Content - Syncing

Contour always has at least two versions of your entire site: a live public version and a “sandbox” version for internal review. You can publish your entire site, a single data point or an entire template – get as granular as you like.


Contour Content - Mobile

The internet is no longer computers sitting on desks. It's tablets and phones and glasses. We build responsive websites that provide the best experience for all types of users.

Automatic documents.

Contour Content - PDF Creation

Combine your web & print work flows into one. Contour uses templates to create high-resolution PDFs on-demand or automatically on a schedule. This eliminates multiple data sources, duplication of review and drastically reduces human error.

Powerful yet simple API.

Contour Content - API

Web sites are no longer manually updated islands of content. Contour's API allows for automated updates, scheduled events and so much more.

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